We trace our roots back to the founding in 1971 of Capital News Group (CNG), our original retail company.

What started as a standalone Confectionary, Tobacco and Newspaper (CTN) store in Paddington, central London, grew over the next two decades into a nationwide retail enterprise incorporating several profitable trading businesses, including Maynews, Capital News and, more recently, Thrive News. Many of these businesses have since been sold, allowing for future capital investments, though the Group still retains some retail presence to this day.

As the enterprise grew, one division evolved into a national buying group, later becoming part of our CNG Business Services company. This company now provides outsourcing services to clients in the retail and leisure industries from its offices in Mumbai, India.

Continued growth of the group has allowed diversification and enabled investments in a number of other countries, including the US, India, Poland and Portugal. For example, CNG Polska owns and has developed a boutique hotel in the thriving Polish city of Lodz.

Our sister company, GroupSP, provides the real estate development expertise to PPP Capital, and LuxuryDigs.co.uk then manages the residential parts of the developments.

Together, these various businesses comprise CNG Family of Companies.